About Sunshine Readers

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am a wife, mom, teacher and bookworm. I am certified in Elementary Education and Spanish Education and have taught professionally in both areas. Currently I am entering a season of staying at home full-time… Which means I spend a large amount of time reading with my two young daughters each day, and developing activities and conversation starters to go along with the best children’s books we read each week.

I decided to start a blog to share my reading ideas for children’s literature with other parents and teachers (homeschool, public or private). I desire to see Sunshine Readers become a space to share educational resources that will help our children and students develop a life-long love of reading and learning… And have fun along the way!

I chose the name Sunshine Readers for my blog because reading brings sunshine to my life and to my children’s lives. I hope this blog will spread some of that sunshine to you as we enjoy good books with our little ones at home and in the classroom.